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The idea of creating his own collection, Michele Bonan Interiors, was born from the architect’s desire, shared with his son Sky, to create pieces of furniture, accessories and objects. Products in line with his background and consistent with the lifestyle represented by his signature. The collection joints the various design experiences in the product field, in order to transmit the Bonan method, style and above all the Bonan philosophy through each of its pieces, born over years of work and research through objects that did not exist on the market and that, born from a professional need, they have been brought to the international market. Thus began a meticulous research on materials, with particular attention to fibers and natural essences such as raffia and bamboo root, to be declined through the inclusion of precious elements, such as hard stones and noble metals, to obtain unique elements that combine materiality and refinement.

“He is a perfectionist who does not like rash bets, but who faces every commitment with great energy, seriousness and dedication together with a precise analysis and impeccable taste.”

Leonardo Ferragamo

With a view to restoring the entire creative universe, the collection is not only made up of furniture, but is complemented by accessories such as cashmere plaids, candles and jewel boxes. The Michele Bonan Interiors collection arises from the combination of the architect’s design versatility and the thriving Tuscan artisan context, which share a single denominator: quality.
On the one hand, there is the figure of the designer-architect, who transforms suggestions from all areas into shapes and colors, merging the various visual arts with architecture, in a harmonious and absolute unicum. On the other hand, a precious artisan tradition. The project does not end with the drawing and reinterpretation of classic pieces, just as Bonan’s work does not stop in the studio.
Both continue in the various shops in an intense and meticulous collaboration, animated by a spasmodic and relentless search for excellence.



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