Driftwood Collection

A collection born from the combination of Italian excellences: the finest craftsmanship and material research. “Driftwood”, characterized by the pickled oak and use of natural fibers such as raffia and rope, unifies the world of natural tones, in a culmination of warmth and softness. Inherently representative of the Bönan heritage, the “Driftwood” collection mixes mid-century allure with contemporary aesthetics.

Each piece of the collection translates itself into a fusion between natural materials such as pickled oak, rope, bamboo and wicker. These simple materials have been processed through sophisticated techniques, the final result is a unique work of tailored craftsmanship. The contrast between soft and rigid geometries are magnified by the anthitetical combination of delicate fibers and hard metals, continuously experimenting with materiality and form. The “Driftwood” collection showcases the handmade nature of the Bönan legacy, aiming to highlight the true essence of materials and craftsmanship.

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