Hand-tufted rugs achieve a luxurious aesthetic through skilled artisans meticulously sculpting plush piles using handheld tufting guns. Though not involving the intricate knotting of hand-knotted rugs, this technique demands expert precision and craftmanship, resulting in opulent designs that rival traditional pieces in elegance and quality.


Hand-lnotted rugs are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who tie individual knots by hand onto a foundation material. This process involves stretching warp threads tightly on a loom, interlacing weft threads, and tying knots to create the pile. It’s a laborintensve technique known for its durability, intricate designs and the craftmnaship involved.


Kilim rugs are crafted using a flat-weave technique, where artisans interweave colorful threads to create intricate geometric patterns and designs. Unlike the other rugs, Kilims have a flat surface without a pile, making them lightweight and versatile. This technique requires precision and skills to achieve thight weaving and patterns, resulting in unique and durable rugs prized for their beauty and cultural significance.



Crafted completely in wool, our carpets are prized for their softness, durability and their vibrant long-lasting colors. Wool carpets are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also intrinsically practical. The integral characteristics of the fibres: warmth, longevity and versatility, are carried throughout their whole surface.

Bamboo SIlk

Our bamboo silk rugs offer luxurious softness and a sustainable appeal, standing out for their distinctive elegance. The production process involves extracting fibers from bamboo plants, which are renewable and fast-growing. Their delicate nature makes them prone to care and attention to maintanin their natural properties.


By combining wool and bamboo silk in our rugs, the result is a stunning contrast between the strenght and durability of the wool with the luxurious feel of the silk.



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